Thursday, May 23, 2013

Brandy All Over!

Photo courtesy of the Underwood family collection
When Dick Underwood was around the age of five years old, Anglican Bishop Trollope was visiting and went to the Underwood library to study. He kept a small bottle of brandy in case he got ill. When Bishop Trollope left, the brandy was put on the top of the linen closet. 

Some time later, Dick climbed to the top of the linen closet. Of course he found the small bottle of brandy.  He did what any other child would do with a bottle of brandy, he poured it out all over the place!  Dick’s mother had to wash everything that Dick had poured brandy over.  

That same night, the Underwoods had important guests over for dinner at their house. The whole house smelled like brandy. Dick’s mother was really embarrassed about the smell of brandy. Luckily, most of the guests did not know what the smell was, and if any did suspect, the Underwood family did not admit that it was brandy!

브랜디 술과 재미있는 이야기

딕 언더우드가 5세쯤, 성공회 교구방 트롤로프 신부가 방문을 하면서 언더우드 도서광에서 공부를하고 계셨습니다. 트롤로프 신부는 항상 작은 병 안에 브랜드를 챙기셨습니다. 잠깐 트롤로프 신부가 자리를 비웠을때 딕은 벽장위에 놓여있던 브랜디를 찾았습니다. 딕은 어린 마음에 병 뚜겅을 열어 안에 담겨져 있던 브랜드를 여기저기 쏟았습니다. 딕의 어머니는 브랜디가 묻어있던 모든 것을 다 세탁해야 했습니다.  그날 밤 언더우드 가족은 중요한 손님을 모셨는데 집안 온통 브랜디 냄새가 베여있었습니다.  다행스럽게도 대부분에 손님들은 냄새를 눈치채지  못했지만 딕의 어머니는 그래도 부끄러워 했습니다.

Underwood, H.G.  Korea in War, Revolution and Peace:  The Recollections of Horace G. Underwood.  Seoul:  Yonsei University Press, 2001.  Print.

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