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Joan Davidson Underwood

Joan Davidson Underwood
Photo courtesy of the Underwood family collection

Joan Davidson Underwood was an English and Latin teacher at Yonsei University and Seoul Foreign School who was also active in mission work.   Joan was born in Seoul on September 19, 1915 to British parents. She attended Seoul Foreign School until the ninth grade.  She then she went to London to finish secondary school and on to college at King’s College for secretarial training. She returned to Korea, worked as a secretary for the British Consul General and later became an educator.

Joan Davidson married to Horace G. Underwood II on July 10, 1941.  When Horace was arrested after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Joan was under house arrest with her mother-in-law and the rest of the family.  She lived in Underwood Memorial Hall with her husband and father-in-law after her mother-in-law was killed.  She lived in the house for many years with our family, including three sons. After leading a life of dedication to God and of helping Korea, Joan Underwood passed away in New York City on February 1976.

조안 데이비드 언더우드
조안 데이비드 언더우드는 연세대학교와 서울외국인 학교에서 영어와 라틴어를 가르치신 선생님이였습니다. 조안은 1916919일 영국인 부모님 밑에서 태어났습니다. 그리고 서울 외국인 학교를 9학년까지 다니고 런던으로 돌아가 학업을 마치고 킹즈 칼리지에서 비서교육을 받았습니다. 이후 한국으로 돌아와 영국 총영사 비서로 제직하다가 교육자의 길을 걷게됐습니다.
조안 데이비슨은 1941710일 호레이스 G 언더우드 2세를 만나 결혼하게됬습니다. 호레이스가 진주만 습격이후 일본인에게 체포된이후 조안도 시어머니와 그 외의 가족과 함께 가택감시를 받기도 했습니다. 조안은 남편과 시어머니의 살해이후 시아버님, 세 아들과 함께 지금 여기 언더우드기념관에서 수 년간 생활했습니다. 그녀는 오랜시간 동안 한국을 사랑하고 하느님을 따르는 삶을 살다 1976 2월에 뉴욕에서 돌아가셨습니다.

Underwood, Horace Grant, and Michael J. Devine. "Marriage." and "The Loss of Joan", Korea in War, Revolution and Peace: The Recollections of Horace G. Underwood. Seoul: Yonsei UP, 2001

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