Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Richard F. Underwood

Richard (far left) with brothers John and Horace
Photo courtesy of the Underwood family collection

Richard F. Underwood was the headmaster of Seoul Foreign School for 31 years.  He had passion for God and education.  He was born in 1927, the year that Underwood Memorial Hall was built.  He couldn’t graduate in Korea because of the Japanese invasion.  Richard F. Underwood was repatriated to the US, and graduated there.  He also served in the military in Korea as an interpreter, including during the peace talks. 

리차드 언더우드는 서울 외국인 학교에서 31년간 총감으로 재직했습니다그는  하나님의 복음과 교육에 열의가 있었습니다그는 언더우드 기념관이 세워진 해와 같은 1927 태어났습니다. 일본의 침략으로 한국에서 학업을 마칠 없었던 그는 다시 미국으로 건너가 학업을 마치게 되었습니다. 그는 평화협정 당시 통역관으로서 군복무를 했습니다.

Richard’s family enjoyed motor-boating. There were many funny and amazing adventures. Here’s an example:  One time when they were out in their boat, Richard was surprised to hear his father yelling in his ears saying “Dick, are you chewing gum?!” It was strange for his father to worry about gum. Richard didn’t understand his father’s thinking but he answered yes. Then his father yelled again “ Good, give it to me now!” Richard took the gum out of his mouth automatically and gave it to his father. His father shaped the gum into a small circular disk to fit on top of the old-fashioned carburetor, around the little hole made for the float indicator.  His father commanded Richard, “Get out the gas, Dick, and pour some into that tin can, then spoon it very carefully into the ring of the gum.”  As it turned out, Richard's gum kept the engine running and saved the family from being adrift in the ocean!

리차드 언더우드의 가족은 모터보터등 많은 재미있고 특별한  모험을 즐겼습니다. 예를 들면, 한번은 배를 타고 나갔다가 리차드의 아버지가, “, 지금 씹고 있니?!” 라고 소리 치시는 이었습니다. 리차드 아버지가 껌을 씹고 있는지에 대해  물으시는 이해하지 못한채, “.” 라고 대답을 했습니다. 아버지는 씹던 껌을 달라고 말씀하셨습니다. 리차드는 당장 씹던 껌을 뱉어 아버지께 드렸습니다. 그러자 아버지는 껌을 동그랗게 반지형으로 만들어 기화기 상부의 틈새를 매꾸었습니다. 어버지께서 리차드에게 다시 부탁하시길 기름을 양철통에 담아와서한 숟가락씩 틈새에 조심스럽게 넣으라고 했습니다. 결국 리차드의 씹던 껌은 보트를 고치는데 이용됐던 입니다.

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