Thursday, May 23, 2013

Underwood House On Fire!

Underwood Home
Photo courtesy of the Underwood family collection
It was December 17, 1927. The Underwood family had just finished building their new house.  The day they moved in they almost lost the house. Some of the excelsior (soft wood shavings used for packing fragile material) in the basement somehow caught on fire the very same day they moved into their house. Fortunately, the Underwood family was able to put out the fire before their whole house burned down.

언더우드 집에 불이 났어요!

1927 12 17일은 언더우드가족은 새로운 집의 건축을  마치고 이사를 가려는 날 이었습니다. 이사하는 날 언더우드 가족은  새 집을  화재로  잃어버릴뻔 하게 됩니다.   지하실 바닥 합판바닥에 원인모를  불이 나게되었지만,  다행이도 불이 온 집안에 번지기전에  전소시킬 수 있었습니다.

House Fire from Underwood Memorial Hall on Vimeo.

It seems that Richard had another experience with fire whilst living at the house ...
리차드는 집에서 불에 관한 사건이 또 있었답니다.

Grass Fire from Underwood Memorial Hall on Vimeo.

Underwood, H.G.  Korea in War, Revolution and Peace:  The Recollections of Horace G. Underwood.  Seoul:  Yonsei University Press, 2001.  Print.

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